Hey! I'm still not a consistent blogger, but between projects and family, there isn't much time to document and put things out on the interwebs. So This year, I'm going to try and just get things posted, even if they aren't complete or documented in a way that makes it easy to read or understand. :)

Hopefully this wont upset anyone reading my blog, but if so I'm appologizing now.

My projects this year "should" include the following:

  1. Raspberry Pi - Automated Brewing system built with Node JS and some electrical components.
  2. Backend Service as a Service - Will build this with Node JS and Mongodb. The hope is to document some of the challenges on the blog and eventually spin the final product into a paid for service to help fund my hobbies.
  3. Garage Build - Assuming I get spousal approval... I'll be building a 2-3 car garage to house my workshop and toys and possibly the final resting place of the Brewery.
  4. Document the Front Loader build from 2016. Already complete and want to get it posted so I can build on that with other projects.
  5. 3ph for the Loader. Right now I simply have a counterweight. Was planning on a backhoe, but to keep it simple, a 3ph will do what I need without spending the extra time on the hoe that I wont use regularly.
  6. Redcat Racing Blackout XBE upgrades. have a few mods already and plan on making a few aluminum pieces to fix the steering and overall strength.
  7. RC racetrack - Have a spot with a few small piles of clay dirt that will be the final home of the RC track.
  8. Brewery Build - Several projects with the brewery this year to get things up and running. I haven't decide on the final location (Basement or 2nd Garage), but at a minimum it will be put in a temp location and automated so I can consistently brew this year.

And several other small projects along the way...

Keep an eye on the site, I'll get setup on twitter and youtube as well to make it easier to subscribe and get updates when I post something.